Jollada / Jowar/ Sorghum Rotti

Jollada Rotti as it is popularly known in Uttar Karnataka is a type of flat bread made from Jowar or Sorghum flour. Though traditionally it is patted into shape rather than rolled, you can roll it out as I have by adding a few spoons of wheat flour to it. It requires expertise and a lot of practice to pat this Rotti, so rolling out is much easier. I thank my friend dear Girija Kurugund for sharing this traditional recipe with me.


1 cup Jowar flour

2 tbsps wheat flour

1.5 cups of hot water


1/2 tsp oil


Mix the Jowar flour, wheat flour,salt and oil. Crumble it well. Now adding a little hot water at a time bind the flour into a soft dough. Knead well, cover and keep aside for a few minutes. Now pinch balls of the dough and roll it as you would a Chapati. Normally it is patted to around 8 inches in diameter. I have retained it to the regular six inch size. Heat a tava/ skillet. Place the rolled Rotti over it and apply a little water on top of the Rotti. Allow it to roast on the underside. Flip. Roast the other side as well. Remove and place it on a kitchen napkin or a cloth which is used to store Chapati. Cover and keep. Best eaten off the stove.

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