Jackfruit Fryums/Papad Recipe

This is one preparation which evokes sweet memories of childhood. Every summer the elderly ladies in the family would get together and help each other in making it. The Jackfruit was carefully selected. It had to be neither too raw nor ripe and had to be cut, cleaned, deseeded, steamed, ground and then pressed into circles on a papad maker. The papads would then be sun dried for a couple of days and stored in an airtight container. To be fried as and when required. Traditionally eaten with pieces of coconut though the elders in the family preferred it grated coconut .

Ingredients :

  • 5 kg Semi Ripe Jackfruit
  • 200 gms black sesame
  • 25 gms Jeera/ cumin seeds
  • Salt
  • Few plastic sheets
  • Papad maker.

Method :

Oil your hands well and cut the Jackfruit. Remove the segments and deseed them. Alternatively you can buy around 150 segments of cleaned Jackfruit which are readily available. Remove the seeds. Line the steamer with a Banana leaf and arrange the segments on it. Steam them for about ten to fifteen minutes till they become mushy. Remove. Allow to cool enough to handle. Grind them to a smooth dough like consistency with the jeera and salt without adding any water. Remove and add the sesame to the dough. Mix thoroughly. Oil your hands and make lemon sized balls of the dough. Oil a couple of plastic sheets. Place one of them on the papad maker. Place the ball of dough in the centre and cover it with another oiled plastic sheet. Press down. Gently remove the pressed Papad and place it on a plastic sheet in sunlight. Finish off thus with the remaining dough. Dry the papads in strong sunlight for three hours and then turn them over. Let them dry for another three hours. Remove and sun dry them again the next day till they are well dried and crackle when touched. Store them in an airtight container and fry them when required as you would any other papad or Vodi.

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