Immunity Boosting Kadha Recipe

This Kadha is being used for generations in our family for building up the immune system. It prevents coughs, colds and other upper respiratory tract infections. It is normally had once in the morning on an empty stomach following which a half hour gap should be maintained before consuming food.

Ingredients :

2 heaped tsps of Coriander seeds

12 Pepper corns

2 inch piece of Cinnamon

7 Cloves

1 tsp Dry Ginger powder

Microwave for a minute or gently heat the Coriander seeds, Pepper corns, Cinnamon and Cloves to facilitate grinding to a fine powder. Dry grind the ingredients along with the Dry ginger powder. You can store this powder and use as and when required, though making a fresh batch is always preferred.

Other ingredients :

2 glasses of water

3 tsps jaggery syrup

1 heaped tsp of the above powder

Juice of half a lemon.


Boil two glasses of water. To it add the jaggery syrup and one heaped tsp of the powder. Boil well till it is reduced to one and a half glass. Strain. Pour into a cup and add the lemon juice to it. Serve hot.

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