Home made Paan Beeda

Offering a Paan Beeda or Tambool is a sign of auspiciousness for Indians. Betel leaves with a dash of lime and betel nut is eaten as a digestive after a meal. The commercially prepared ones have a variety of ingredients added to woo the customer. The traditional home made Paan has fennel seeds, cloves, cardamom, shavings of scented betel nut and Gulkand. You can use home made Gulkand or the one which is available at any of the grocery stores. Betel leaves come from various regions in India and each has it’s own unique texture.


One large betel leaf

A dash of lime

1tsp fennel seeds

1tsp scented Supari/ betel nut shavings

1 Cardamom

1 clove

1heaped tsp Gulkand

A sprinkling of dessicated coconut


Wash and pat dry the Paan. Snip off the stem and apply just a hint of lime on the lower side of the leaf. Tip in the remaining ingredients mentioned above in the centre and fold it in the shape shown in the picture. Secure it with a clove to hold the ends of the leaf together. Though paan is always eaten fresh you may refrigerate and store it up to two days.

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