Home Made Butter Recipe

Though Butter is widely available in the market today, the pleasure of eating the freshly prepared home made one is something to be experienced!! Its easy to prepare and free from preservatives. One can even use it to make ghee / clarified butter. Posting the method of preparing home made butter.

Method :

Boil milk. Allow to cool. Refrigerate. Thick cream gets collected on the top of the milk. Collect the cream everyday and add a tsp of Curd to it. Leave it outside to ferment for around five hours and then transfer it into a large container and refrigerate . Everyday the cream is first collected, fermented and then stored in the large container . Once a week, churn the cream so collected, in the mixer blender using the whipper blade. Fill the mixer to just half with the fermented cream and add a glass of water. Run the mixer using the whipper blade. Fresh butter gets collected. Remove the butter from the mixer and wash it thoroughly twice or thrice. The remaining butter milk can be used to make kadhi or even for soaking rice for Surnali recipes for which can be found in this website .

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