Gulab jamoon, Gajar ka Halva and Rabadi recipe

This three combo dessert was prepared to celebrate the first anniversary of my Fb page Vegetarian Culinary delights by Vinaya. A traditional North Indian dessert, it can be prepared beforehand and served either individually or as a combination. I have never been a fan of serving Gulab jamoon or Gajar ka Halva with Vanilla ice cream. This was very popular a few years ago. The icecream just takes away the richness of these two traditional dishes. I decided to prepare a Rabadi to pour over the Gajar ka Halva . A scoop of this decadence with a bite of Gulab jamoon is sheer heaven! I have posted the recipes to both the Gulab jamoon and Gajar ka Halva earlier, so sharing the recipe link to the same.

Gulab Jamoon Recipe

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe

Ingredients to make the Rabadi

1.5 litres of milk

100 gms sugar

Slivers of Pistachio and Almonds ( optional)


Pour the milk into either a non stick or heavy bottomed pan. Bring to a boil and simmer it on a gentle flame till it is reduced to half the quantity. Take care to see that you keep stirring the milk every few minutes so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Add the sugar and keep simmering it till it reduces further. Keep pushing the cream/ malai that forms on top of the Rabadi to the sides of the pan. The procedure is complete when the milk reduces to exactly one fourth of the original quantity. You are left with around 300- 325 ml of thick, condensed milk. Scrape the cream back into the milk, cover and allow the mixture to cool. Refrigerate. Serve the Rabadi topped with slivers of almonds or Pistachio with either Gajar ka Halva or even Jalebi.

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