Grilled vegetables, salad, rice and mixed vegetable gravy platter

A complete meal that can be enjoyed by the family. Grilled vegetables like Peas, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Bellpepper and French Beans compete with a salad of Carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and cabbage. Fragrant Basmati rice topped with grilled potato wedges and accompanied by a mixed Vegetable. The recipe link to the Kashmiri mixed vegetable is given below.


Basmati rice cooked and ready

All the grilled vegetables, salad items and rice is as per one’s requirement.

100 gms of Amul butter/ salted butter




Brush the vegetables to be grilled with butter and grill them till they are done but crisp. Alternatively you can also saute them in a pan . Take care to see that you saute each of the vegetables in butter separately. You may either grill the potato wedges or deep fry them. Season the vegetables with salt and pepper. Chop the salad items into thin strips and tomatoes into roundels for aesthetic effect. You may slice them as you please. Place the rice, grilled vegetables, salad and the Kashmiri mixed vegetable on a serving platter. Serve as is or with a Raita.

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