Green Chilly Pickle Recipe

Green chillies are widely used in Indian cuisine. The hotness that they impart enhance the flavours of the dish. The less spicier ones are eaten raw with bhakri and the thicker least spicy ones are used for making fritters. Chilly pickle is popular all over India. Posting one for for all of you dear friends. Do try it out! ❤️


  • 500 gms spicy variety chillies
  • 125 gms mustard
  • 1 tbsp haldi
  • Marble sized piece of hing powdered
  • 150 gms salt or more depending on the spiciness of the chillies
  • Juice of 15 lemons
  • 1/2 litre oil

Wash the chillies and spread them on a cloth to dry . Remove the stalks and chop them into pieces of desired sized. Roast them in 1/4 litre oil till they change colour. Heat the remaining 1/4 litre oil to smoking point and keep it aside. Allow to cool overnight. The next day powder the mustard and extract the lemon juice. Add the powdered hing in a tsp of hot oil till it gvs its aroma. Switch off. Drop it over the chillies. Add the mustard, salt, lemon juice and the remaining oil and mix well. Store in glass bottles. Ready for use after a fortnight.

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