Green Chilly Fritters Recipe

These Bhavnagari chillies are the mildly spiced ones, making them ideal for making fritters or what is known as Mirchi Bhajia. An Andhra delicacy, they are now found in every region in India, as they go well with Dal Rice or even as an evening snack with a cup of hot tea.

Ingredients :

  • 9 medium sized Bhavnagari chillies
  • 150 gms Besan/Chickpea flour
  • 50 gms rice flour
  • A large pinch of hing/Asafoetida
  • Salt
  • A large pinch of ajwain / Carom seeds
  • A pinch of haldi/ turmeric powder
  • Oil for frying

Method :

Wash and slit the green chillies in the centre, keeping the ends intact. Remove seeds if any gently. Mix together the Besan, rice flour, salt, haldi, hing and ajwain. Add enough water to make a thick batter. Fill some of the batter in the chillies. Heat oil in a pan. Check the temperature of the oil by dropping a spoon of batter in it. It should immediately rise to the surface. Lower the flame. Gently dip the chillies in the batter and drop them into the oil. Fry on a medium flame to a nice golden yellow. Serve hot.

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