Godu Phovu / Sweet Flattened Rice Recipe

Sweet Flattened Rice is traditionally made in most South Indian homes either on festive or auspicious occasions. The Konkani community offers it as Naivedya or offering to the Lord, during Tulsi Pooja and on Krishna Janmashtami. It is a must during the Baby Shower.

Ingredients :

  • 1 coconut grated
  • 200gms jaggery
  • 1tsp Cardamom powder
  • 2 tbsps black sesame/til
  • Fresh home made Ghee
  • Poha / Flattened Rice

Method :
Drop the jaggery into 2 glasses of water. Make a syrup by boiling it vigorously till all the jaggery melts and tiny bubbles appear on the surface of the melted jaggery. Strain it. Add the grated coconut and boil it for a couple of minutes. The mixture should not be dry nor watery. Dry roast the sesame seeds till they splutter. Drop them into the coconut, jaggery mixture along with the Cardamom powder. Allow it to cool thoroughly. To this cooled mixture add as much poha as required. The consistency should be a little wet as the poha absorbs the moisture and turns dry. Add ghee and serve with banana slices.

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