Falooda Recipe

Falooda is an instant tummy filler as it has sevai, dry fruits and milk topped with icecream. Posting a strawberry falooda dear friends.


  • 1.25 Litres milk
  • 1 pack Rex Strawberry jelly
  • Juiceof one lemon
  • 1 pack Moments falooda mix
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Strawberry syrup
  • Dried fruits for garnish

Add the falooda mix to the pre boiled milk and boil for about 10 mnts till it becomes a little thick. Cool and refrigerate.
Make the jelly according to the instructions on the pack. I add juice of one lemon for added tang. Refrigerate to set it.
In a tall glass tip in the jelly, falooda a scoop of ice cream and garnish with dried fruits and strawberry syrup. Serve chilled.

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1 thought on “Falooda Recipe

  1. Very nice…..
    I want to start a small cold drink house and falooda will be the main attraction. Do you give online lessons since I am new to all this. Thanks.

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