Eggplant fritters Recipe

Eggplant fritters or Vangyache Fodi is a delicious accompaniment to Rice and Dal. One can also enjoy it on its own. Best made out of the Eggplant/Brinjal that is used to make Baingan Bharta as it is more fleshy. This is a traditional Goan and Mangalorean recipe which is simply amazing!!

Ingredients :

  • 1 large Eggplant/Brinjal
  • Chilly powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Salt
  • Hing/asafoetida
  • Besan/Chickpea flour
  • Rice flour
  • Semolina
  • Oil for roasting

Method :

Wash and slice the eggplant thinly. Marinate in a mixture of salt, chilly powder, turmeric and hing, all as per preference. Keep aside for 15 minutes. Mix Besan and rice flour in the proportion of 2:1. Dust the slices in this mixture. Finally dust them in semolina. Heat a skillet/tava. Drizzle oil. Place the eggplant slices two at a time and allow them to roast. Drizzle oil and flip. Roast on the other side too. Serve hot.

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