Crackling spinach.

A delicious starter served at get togethers and parties, the crackling spinach is still a hot favourite with young and old alike. If you wish to avoid frying you may air fry it but the taste differs. Eating in moderation is the answer to such preparations..


2 bunches of spinach

Toasted sesame seeds

Chilly flakes



Oil for frying.


Discard the stems of the spinach. Wash it well and pat dry. Chop finely and spread it out on a kitchen towel to dry completely. Dry roast the sesame seeds till they start popping. Remove from heat and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan. Deep fry the spinach in small batches on a high flame till it is crisp. Drain and put it on a kitchen towel to remove excess oil. Once all the spinach is fried put it in a bowl. Drop in the toasted sesame seeds, chilly flakes a pinch of salt and powdered or castor sugar. Mix thoroughly and serve.


I have not mentioned the quantities of sugar, salt, chilly flakes and toasted sesame seeds as it is an individual choice to add as per requirement.

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