Chigali/ Jigli/ Tamarind and jaggery candy

Chigali or Jigli is how this sweet, sour and slightly spicy tamarind and jaggery candy is known as in Uttar Karnataka. It is served along with Jollada Rotti, Badnekai Yennegai, Shenga chutney and freshly sliced onions and a green chilly. This is followed by a ball of Curd rice.


An orange sized ball of tamarind

Jaggery the same size as that of the tamarind ball

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/4 tsp Chilly powder


5 curry leaves


String and clean the tamarind . The fiber and any hard outer coating needs to be discarded. Grate the jaggery. Tip the cumin seeds,salt, chilly powder and curry leaves in a mortar and pestle and pound them. Drop in the jaggery and the tamarind and keep pounding till the entire mixture becomes a smooth paste which can be rolled into a ball and stuck on to an ice cream stick. This stays good outside for any length of time as there is no trace of water in it and salt and jaggery are natural preservatives.

Note: I have not pounded the mixture as it traditionally is, but resorted to using the small mixer jar. I made a one string syrup of the jaggery and used it to facilitate grinding.

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