Cheesy Garlic bread

This Cheesy Garlic bread is a bread lover’s delight. Cheese and garlic, both are my weaknesses , so I was thrilled when my friend Jyothi Baliga posted her version of it. I can only say one thing…… It’s Divine!


One loaf of garlic bread

Cheese spread

Grated Mozzarella cheese as per requirement

Chilly flakes, oregano and pepper for seasoning

Butter to roast the bread


Slice the Garlic bread to one inch thickness. Butter the slices on both sides and toast them lightly on a tava/ skillet. Apply some cheese spread, top it with grated Mozzarella, season with chilly flakes, oregano and pepper and place them in a grill. Allow the cheese to melt. Remove and serve hot.

Note: I have again added a layer of cheese spread and sprinkled some chilly flakes for aesthetics. You may avoid the same.

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