Carrots in brine

One of the brined vegetables that goes well with Dal rice, curd rice or even in wraps or as a topping over salads is the versatile carrot. I love mine spiced with a few green chillies and ginger added to them. You may also use sliced garlic or baby onions if you wish to.


4 carrots sliced into strips

3 green chillies slit but kept intact at the base

2 inch piece of ginger either sliced or just crushed

1 lemon sliced into thin roundels

200 ml water

1 tbsp salt

5 tbsps vinegar


Arrange the carrots, green chillies , ginger and sliced lemon into a thoroughly washed and dried glass bottle. Drop in the water, salt and vinegar. Screw on the cap or use an air tight bottle. Leave it outside for a day and then refrigerate it. You can start using them from the third day onwards.

Note: I have not boiled the water to make brine as I have used just four carrots. Always boil the water to which salt has been added to brine larger quantities of carrot or any vegetable.

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