Butterfly pea infused milk.

Butterfly pea/ Aparajita Shankhpushpi flowers are used to add this vibrant blue colour to the milk. You can make a smoothie, a milk shake or even cook rice in the water infused with these flowers. Considered a memory booster these flowers can be used fresh or in the dried form . If using fresh flowers, wash and add them to boiling water. Boil on a gentle flame till they give out their colour. Using dried ones is much more easier as one just needs to add as much as one desires to get their preferred shade of blue. Adding a dash of lime turns the decoction purple because of the acid content present in it.


250 ml milk

1tsp sugar

2 cardamoms crushed fine

2tsps dried Butterfly pea flowers


Add sugar , cardamom and the dried flowers to the boiling milk. Lower the flame and cook till you get the desired colour. Strain and enjoy it hot.

If using fresh flowers add them to 250 ml of boiling water and cook till they release their colour. The water is reduced to almost half by the time the decoction is ready. Cool and use it in smoothies and icecreams.. You can also make iced tea. The decoction can also be used to colour kheer, milk, latte or even rice.

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