Bimbla /Tree Sorrell Gozzu

Bimbul, Bilimbi or Tree Sorrell is a fruit which is used as a souring agent instead of Tamarind. Pickles both spicy and sweet are made from this fruit which is known for it’s medicinal value as well. I had never made a cold preparation of this fruit, so when my dear friend Pushpalata Satish shared her recipe with me, I lost no time in trying it out. Goes extremely well with Dal rice, Roti and even Curd rice.

Ingredients :

10 Bimbul

7 cloves of garlic

5 green chillies

2 tbsps grated coconut

2 tbsps coconut oil



Roast the Bimbul, green chillies and garlic in one tbsp of oil till the Bimbul changes colour. Allow to cool. Grind it along with the coconut and salt to a coarse paste. Do not grind it to a fine paste as it is best enjoyed coarse. Tip it into a bowl and drizzle with the remaining coconut oil. Serve immediately. This preparation needs to be refrigerated as it is not heated.

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