Beetroot pockets.

Pretty looking beetroot pockets to make the children eat their veggies without a murmur. These are nothing but Momos or dim sums with beetroot puree added to the dough. The easiest and regular way of stuffing momos is by rolling out a poori, placing the filling in the centre, folding the dough into pleats and shaping it into a pouch.

Peel and chop a beetroot. Puree it and sieve it. Add it to the dough while kneading it.. the recipe link below gives you the exact measurements to make the dough and the filling.

To shape pockets:

Roll out the poori. Place the filling in the centre. Pleat one half of the poori and press it tightly on the unpleated side. Bring the two ends together and press them on the centre of the dim sum to form a pocket. Similarly finish off with the remaining dough. Steam them in the manner mentioned in the recipe link given above.

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