Beetroot parathas

Beetroot was one vegetable which was never made either at my mother’s place nor at my in law’s. I frankly have no clue why, as my mom and mother in law were both great cooks. I started including it as a sandwich filler for the children or made an upkari, but beyond that never ventured into making anything else with it. Those were days without the internet and we relied solely on cookery books.

The variety today that is made with this humble vegetable is simply amazing! Paratha, saaru, cake, halva…. The list is endless.

The post by my friend dear Nazia Rashidee prompted me to try out the Beetroot Parathas. Thank-you so much dear for the encouragement. They turned out awesome.

I just added some beetroot puree to the Paratha dough . The rest of the procedure remains the same. Sharing the link to the Paratha.

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