Barnyard millet and urad dal Idli

A healthy option for diabetics, this Barnyard millet and urad dal Idli has been served with a roasted gram and coriander chutney. One can also make it on the day one fasts as the rice is replaced by millets. Recipe link to the Chutney is given below.


1 cup urad dal/ split black gram

1.5 cups of Barnyard millet/ varai



Wash the urad dal and the Barnyard millet and soak them separately for five hours. Grind the urad dal in the wet grinder for about half an hour, adding a little water at intervals till the urad dal is nice and fluffy. Drain and squeeze the Barnyard millet and drop it into the urad dal . Grind for just half a minute, for it to blend well with the urad dal. Remove in a container, add salt and ferment overnight. The next day whisk well. Grease the idli mould with oil and pour the batter into it. Carefully place the stand in the idli steamer which has been kept boiling. Steam for ten minutes. A knife inserted into the idli should come out clean. If not steam for a couple of minutes more. Allow to cool a little before de moulding. Serve with Chutney of your choice.

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