Ankaliya… Rice crepe.

Ankaliya or rice crepe/ dosa from the Himachali cuisine is akin to the Neer dosa made down South. The Himachalis use a special earthen pot with a spout to pour the batter unlike in the South where it is splashed on to the pan. Soft, porous and light, they are served with a curry or pickle of choice. I preferred to serve them with a green chilly pickle.


250 gms rice flour


Water to make the batter.


Tip the rice flour into a bowl. Add water a little at a time to make a batter of flowing consistency. Heat a griddle/ tava. Drizzle a little oil and brush it all over the tava. Pour the batter all over the tava. Allow the Ankaliya to roast. Fold and serve.

Note: this crepe is not flipped. It is so thin that it gets cooked roasted just on one side .

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