Akki Roti/ Rice Pancakes Recipe -3

This is an easy to make and absolutely delicious preparation which is traditionally made as a breakfast eat, but is so filling that it can substitute for lunch as well. Served with either Chutney, Sagoo or Butter, it can be made in no time.

Ingredients :

250 gms Rice flour

100 gms Idli Rava

1 large onion

9 Green Chillies

Coriander leaves

15 mint leaves

5 tbsps finely grated coconut


Oil to roast the Akki roti


Tip the Rice flour and Idli rava in a bowl. Chop the onions, Coriander leaves and mint leaves fine. Drop them into the rice flour, idli rava mixture. Coarsely crush the green chillies and tip them in too. Add the grated coconut, salt and add enough water to make a dough of patting consistency. Allow to rest for fifteen minutes. The idli rava soaks in all the water. Mix again and if required add some more water so that the dough can be patted easily on the skillet. Heat a tava/skillet. Lower flame and pat the dough on to it to a six inch diameter Roti. Drizzle with a tsp of oil. Allow to cook. Flip and roast on the other side too. The entire process should be carried out on a gentle to medium flame to ensure even cooking.

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