Akhrot chutney Ladakhi style.

The walnut grown in Ladakh is one of the finest walnuts of the world. Each walnut is handpicked and then the kernel is separated from the outer shell. Walnut is known as Akhrot in most Indian states. Posting a Ladakhi style walnut chutney which goes well with Tein tein ( buckwheat crepe) and as a dip with any bread.


A handful of walnuts

A bunch of spring onion greens chopped roughly



Tip the above ingredients into a blender and blend them to a smooth paste without adding any water. Your walnut chutney is ready.

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1 thought on “Akhrot chutney Ladakhi style.

  1. Yes . Liked the post. Very easy to do. Will surely try. But what is kuttu ka atta ?

    Thank you Vinaya. You always give us unique recipes. ❤❤

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