Food Art – 13

Nava Dhanya or offering of nine varieties of Lentils or Cereals depending upon preference to the Mother Goddess is a tradition in Hindu rituals during Durga Navratri when She is worshipped for nine days by adorning Her in different colours. Here the colour is Purple. Ladies too dress themselves in that particular shade in which the deity is adorned. Here the offering is of :

  • Rice
  • Rajma/Kidney Beans
  • Tuver/ Pigeon peas
  • Moong/Whole Green Gram
  • Kulthi/ Horsegram
  • Vatana/ White Peas
  • Chana/Black Chickpeas
  • Urad/ Whole Black Gram
  • Val/ Lima Beans

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Cup Idli and Shallots Sambhar Recipe

This combination is sheer nostalgia for me as we grew up on Cup Idli made by Amma. The Idli stand came much later. We would help her peel the shallots that went into making this delicious Sambhar. The best way to eat this combination, is to pour the Sambhar over the Idli and top it with a generous drizzle of home made Ghee/clarified butter. The recipe link to both are provided below.

Idli Recipe

Shallots Sambhar Recipe

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Breakfast Platter – 3

I have always believed that a hearty breakfast is a must to kick start the day. One has the entire day to burn it off! Posting a Breakfast Platter today of Misal, Bread, Onion flavoured Poha Chutney, Dates and Masala Chai. Recipe Links to all the dishes are shared below.

Misal Pav Recipe

Onion Poha Chutney/Onion flavoured Flattened Rice Recipe

Chai/Tea–The Indian way

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